Adhesive draught excluder strip, Weather strips, Draught excluder profile E and P, Adhesive foam draught excluder, PVC draught excluder for doors, Aluminium draught excluder for doors, HDPE sheet cover, LDPE sheet cover, White/red safety tape, Adhesive tape, Nylon line, Anti-slip strip

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    A leading manufacturer of DIY items which works mainly in the extrusion of plastic and foam materials. Main products: rubber, foam and PVC draught excluders, draught excluder for doors, warning tapes, printed tapes, HDPE and LDPE sheet cover, noise-abating rubber profiles, sanitary adhesive sealants, adhesive tapes, anti-slip tapes, nylon line for brushcutters, hood filters. Draught excluder manufacturer, Warning tape manufacturer, Printed tape manufacturer, Barrier tape manufacturer, Draught excluder in rubber and foam, Draught excluder for door, EPDM and foam draught excluder, PVC draught excluder manufacturer, Sanitary adhesive sealant manufacturer, Noise abating rubber profile, Neoprene foam, PVC foam, Sheet cover manufacturer, Hood filter manufacturer, PE sheet cover, Anti-slip tape manufacturer, Nylon line for brushcutter, Adesive tape manufacturer, Adhesive polyurethane manufacturer, Adhesive caulk. Manufacturing company for DIY, Do it yourself, hardware, household and industry. TRE EMME SPA, GEKO, Italy. Manufacturing company of products for DIY, hardware, household and industry.